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Brocade Command Line

I love the Brocade GUI, but I hate Java. I usually find my way with the workarounds out there to be able to display the Java plugins, but this time I wasted too much time on something that can be done in the command line. I was at a customer’s site and we added a… Continue reading Brocade Command Line


Configuring NTP Services for the VNX / Celerra

I was performing a nas_checkup on the new system I just installed and found this warning: ————Warnings——————— Blades : Check connectivity to NTP servers Warning HC_DM_18800115743: * server_2: Only one NTP server is configured. It is recommended to define at least two different NTP servers for a high availability. If the clock of the Data… Continue reading Configuring NTP Services for the VNX / Celerra