How to Use GitHub and Atom

I’ve decided to learn a little bit more about how to use GitHub because I want to start writing some automation code for the UCS B-Series configuration. I did some research on which editor to use (I’ve only used vi, that was the last time I coded) and I found that Atom ( is really… Continue reading How to Use GitHub and Atom


Data Migration Using Nimble Replication

As part of the service portfolio at ABS Technology, we offer Data Center migrations. There are multiple technologies to achieve the data replication necessary in a migration. There are two main levels, host-level replication, and array level replication. With host replication, the granularity is a single operating system instance, it can be physical or virtual.… Continue reading Data Migration Using Nimble Replication


UCS B-Series Start to Finish: Part 2

After the initial setup is done, I recommend to go ahead and install the latest available firmware¬† to get the most out of your environment. First, go to, and from the Support Menu, click “All downloads.” Image 1. Cisco Support Site – > All Downloads Note: just hover over Support, don’t click Image 2.… Continue reading UCS B-Series Start to Finish: Part 2