Finally I made it to Las Vegas. It is fantastic!, I’m starting the third day and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. Honestly, although I liked all the sessions, Bear Grylls talk on extra-ordinary was my favorite. When you absolutely think there is nothing left on you to give, that is the moment you know you have to give a little bit more., that is the “Q”. We can’t wait to get back home to pass the message, the third platform is here, we as IT professionals need to prepare for the software defined everything. This is just the logical next step, the software have always been there, it is going to be disconnect now. It is all business driven, mobile apps, cloud, time to market, and always on, are some of the drivers or reasons this is happening. I want to make a commitment, I’ll start blogging more, I have a few interesting projects I want to “document” in my vNotepad. But going back to EMCWorld I am impress with the level of cohesiveness about the message at all levels, from Joe Tucci to Urayoan Irizarry down at the Solutions Arcade. I really liked the VPLEX Virtual Edition session, I will setup something here in the next few days.


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