Cloud Something

The World Cup started, so I will cheer for the one who seems to be wining at any give point. Yes I know it sounds not very loyal from my part, but a man does what a man needs to do, right? Anyway I’ve been out for a while (again) but I want to share my thoughts on the cloud, but the cloud that its beginning to be seen in the TV and movies, yesterday I saw a movie trailer and the actors were saying something about “nobody understands the cloud”. Well that may be the case, I mean probably big companies do, but believe me that some people out there are still trying to understand virtualization so you can imagine.

The issue is more on whether you continue on the race to the bottom, or do you jump on this big opportunity. I believe that is possible to consolidate beyond what we’ve achieved with virtualization. We are talking about Virtual Data Centers, having a couple of physical locations, but seen as one.

Who are the players? Well, this looks like the gold rush., everyone have some sort of initiative. So please take a look at you situation. Do you work in an environment (I guess mostly tech) that will be affected by this cloud storm? Make your move now, don’t get caught without an emergency plan.

Remember when you see clouds, there may be a storm coming.


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