Just don’t follow your dream

Ok, I have your attention, now let me explain myself. I come from a home in which my father always worked Monday to Saturday, he doesn’t know what the word vacation means, and he is still working at age 74. He never bought anything that was not essential to us. Good house (of course no mortgage), food and good education. I once asked my parents if they could buy an ATV for me if I obtained good grades, and they said that the good grades were for me not for them (kind of saying there is no way you are going to blackmail us with that), but really just saying that it was in my best interest to do well in school.

Enough about family history, here is what I mean. You really have to setup a goal, but then stop thinking about the end result and start thinking on how to get there. Dedicate all your resources to those little things that will allow you to reach that goal. Stop daydreaming, be practical and don’t waste your time on things that will not contribute to your mission.

If you want to be the best basketball player, then research what you have to do and then do it six days a week for the amount of time needed to create results, don’t waste you time playing a video game or fantasizing about wining the slam dunk contest.

Those of us in the IT business will be challenged multiple times during our career. This is something you learn and relearn, apply the useful stuff and hopefully discard what doesn’t work. Keep your goals clear and well defined, but never hold back, shoot for the moon.






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