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Suddenly you realize it, you are an expert at so many irrelevant things. This happened to you?, if you’ve been on IT for a while and you are still actually doing instead of managing, then you may end up rotting with some technology that is dying. When someone claims is a Cloud XXX, what do you expect from them? Well I found these skills for a Cloud Engineer job from a really cool company:

  • A mastery of Linux. This means: you know why things work on a Linux system, not just how to configure them
  • Experience developing enterprise application architectures to meet business requirements in complex environments
  • Knowledge and experience with large-scale systems integration involving private, hybrid, and public cloud platforms
  • Understanding of cloud orchestration frameworks, enterprise IT service provisioning tools, and their role in IT transformation
  • Experience with public and private cloud, including OpenStack and AWS
  • Experience with configuring: OpenStack Ceilometer, Cinder, Glance, Heat, Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Swift
  • Experience with virtualization, including: KVM, Xen, and VMWare
  • Experience with RabbitMQ / AMQP, Puppet, LDAP, NFS, and RHCS
  • Experience administering CentOS or Ubuntu
  • Able to write software in Python or some other administrative language
  • Able to read and perform debugging of C / C++ / Java programs.  Being able to write programs in these languages is even better!
  • Experience supporting or maintaining MySQL, MongoDB, and Couchbase

How do I get these? I mean all of them. Is it really something achievable? For example, take virtualization. How much time does it take to be a VMware master? Then learn enough KVM and Xen to be able to master all three. I know it depends on how smart you are, but also on how much hands experience you can get. What if you are an expert in Solaris or AIX, but not Linux. I wonder if such a person exists. I would like to work with this person and learn everything I could. In the meantime maybe I should apply for an internship with this company to be able to master every skill in this list, and then hope they are not replaced by new technology and become irrelevant again.

As always pardon my English, I just feel that if I write these in Spanish nobody would ever read them (not that anyone read them anyway :P)


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