Objective 2.03 Explain the purpose, use, and advantages of iApps.

A. Explain the purpose of iApps

F5 iApps is a powerful set of features in the BIG-IP system that provides 
a new way to architect application delivery in the data center. It gives you a holistic, application-centric view of how applications are managed and delivered inside, outside, and beyond the data center.
By managing application services rather than the individual networking components and configurations, you can dramatically speed up deployment, lower OpEx, and streamline IT operations. You can provision application services in minutes rather than weeks, significantly improving time-to-market and creating a highly efficient and predictable process for successful application delivery.

B. Explain the Advantages of iApps

iApps provides a framework that application, security, network, systems, and operations personnel can use to unify, simplify, and control the entire Application Delivery Network (ADN). You gain a contextual view and advanced statistics about the application services supporting the business. iApps abstracts the many individual components required to
 deliver an application by grouping these resources together in templates associated with applications. This alleviates the need to manage discrete components on the network.


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