Objective 2.04 Explain the purpose, use, and advantages of iControl.

A. Explain the purpose of iControl

As iRules is to network traffic, iControl is to F5 configurations. iControl is our open, web services based API that allows complete, dynamic, programmatic control of F5 configuration objects. This means you can add, modify or remove bits from your F5 device on the fly, automatically. Whether you’re looking to add a list of Virtual Servers, shut down half of the 400 members in a pool for an upgrade, or track more advanced stats by writing a script to poll certain data.; the uses for iControl are near limitless.

B. Explain the use of iControl

iControl allows an amazing level of fine grained control and access has proven useful time and time again, as many of our users have come to truly rely on the API for automating management tasks in the large scale environments in which BIG-IP is often deployed. Some even use it to design custom interfaces for particular groups of users, or to integrate directly with an existing portal to allow their applications to tie straight into F5 technology.

iControl Dev Central


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