Objective 2.02 Explain the purpose use and advantages of iRules

A. Explain the purpose of iRules

F5 iRules is a flexible, programmatic interface that makes it possible to extend and customize the functionality of the BIG-IP system. As an event-driven scripting language, iRules gives you the ability to architect application delivery solutions that improve the security, resiliency, and scale of applications in the data center.

B. Explain the Advantages of iRules

iRules provides unprecedented control to directly manipulate and manage any IP application traffic using an easy-to-learn scripting syntax. A robust and active community at F5 DevCentralprovides a wealth of existing iRules that can be customized to fit your unique application requirements. With free registration on DevCentral, you have access to hundreds of proven iRules that can mitigate threats and extend the capabilities of your application delivery network. 

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