Objective 2.01 Articulate the role of F5 products.

Explain the purpose use and benefits of:


BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) is a flexible, high-performance access and security solution that provides unified global access to your applications and network. By converging and consolidating remote access, LAN access, and wireless connections within a single management interface, and providing easy-to-manage access policies, BIG-IP APM helps you free up valuable IT resources and scale cost-effectively

Key benefits

  • Provide unified global access 
Consolidate remote access, LAN access, and wireless connections in one interface.
  • Consolidate and simplify
Replace web access proxy tiers and integrate with OAM, XenApp, and Exchange to reduce infrastructure and management costs.
  • Centralize access control 
Gain a simplified, central point of control to manage access to applications by dynamically enforcing context-aware policies.
  • Ensure superior access and endpoint security 
Protect your organization from data loss, virus infection, and rogue device access with comprehensive endpoint capabilities.
  • Obtain flexibility, high performance, and scalability 
Support all of your users easily, quickly, and cost-effectively

Big IP Access Policy Manager Overview
Big Ip Access Policy Manager Datasheet
Configuration Guide for BIG IP Access Policy Manager


F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager(ASM) is a flexible web application firewall that secures web applications in traditional, virtual, and private cloud environments. BIG-IP ASM helps secure applications against unknown vulnerabilities, and enables compliance for key regulatory mandates. BIG-IP ASM is a key part of the F5 application delivery firewall solution, which consolidates traffic management, network firewall, application access, DDoS protection, SSL inspection, and DNS security. 

Key benefits

  • Ensure app security and availability
Get comprehensive geolocation attack protection from layer 7 distributed denial of service (DDoS), SQL injection, and OWASP Top Ten attacks, and secure the latest interactive AJAX applications and JSON payloads.
  • Reduce costs and enable compliance
Achieve security standards compliance with built-in application protection.
  • Get out-of-the-box app security policies
Provide protection with pre-built rapid deployment policies and minimal configuration.
  • Improve app security and performance
Enable advanced application security while accelerating performance and improving cost effectiveness.
  • Deploy flexibly and incorporate external intelligence
Focus on fast application development and flexible deployment in virtual and cloud environments while incorporating external intelligence for securing apps against IP threats.


F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager(LTM) helps you deliver your applications to your users, in a reliable, secure, and optimized way. You get the extensibility and flexibility of an intelligent services framework with the programmability you need to manage your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. With BIG-IP LTM, you have the power to simplify, automate, and customize applications faster and more predictably.

Key benefits

  • Deliver applications rapidly and reliably
Ensure that your customers and users have access to the applications they need—whenever they need them.
  • Customize and automate with programmable infrastructure
Control your applications—from connection and traffic to configuration and management—with
F5’s unique TMOS. operating system, which includes native protocol support, an openmanagement
API, and an event-driven scripting language.
  • Transition to SDN and cloud networks
Realize operational consistency and comply with business needs across physical, virtual, and cloud environments with deployment flexibility and scalability.
  • Easily deploy and manage applications
User-defined F5 iApps. Templates make it easy to deploy, manage, and get complete visibility into your applications.
  • Secure your critical applications
Protect the apps that run your business with industry-leading SSL performance and visibility.


F5® BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager™ (GTM) distributes DNS and user application requests based on business policies, data center and network conditions, user location, and application performance. BIG-IP GTM delivers F5’s high-performance DNS Services with visibility, reporting, and analysis; scales and secures DNS responses geographically to survive DDoS attacks; delivers a complete, real-time DNSSEC solution; and ensures global application high availability.

Key benefits

  • Scale DNS to more than 10 million RPS with a fully-loaded chassis
BIG IP GTM dramatically scales DNS to more than 10 million query RPS and controls DNS traffic. It ensures that users are connected to the best site, and delivers On-Demand Scaling for DNS and global apps
  • Gain control and secure global application delivery
Route users based on business, geolocation, application, and network requirements to gain flexibility and control. Also ensure application availability and protection during DNS DDoS attacks or volume spikes.
  • Improve application performance
Send users to the site with the best application performance based on application and network conditions. 
  • Deploy flexibly, scale as you grow, and manage your network efficiently
BIG-IP GTM Virtual Edition (VE) delivers flexible global application management in virtual and cloud environments. Multiple management tools give you complete visibility and control; advanced logging, statistics and reporting; and a single point of control for your DNS and global app delivery resources.


 F5® Enterprise Manager™ significantly reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple F5 devices. You gain a single-pane view of your entire application delivery infrastructure and the tools you need to automate common tasks, ensure optimized application performance, and improve budgeting and forecasting to meet changing business needs. Enterprise Manager is available as a physical or virtual edition. 

Key benefits

  • Ensure optimized performance

Get an up-to-date, comprehensive view of application traffic and device performance. Set thresholds and alerts to react quickly to changing network conditions and user demands.

  • Reduce TCO through automation

Use a single interface to automate common operational tasks for your F5 devices, reducing total cost of ownership and OpEx.

  • Improve budgeting and forecasting

Use 160 customizable metrics to gain complete visibility into your application delivery infrastructure over time and improve planning and budgeting for future projects.

  • Troubleshoot more effectively

Quickly isolate application performance and traffic management problems to minimize the effect on your business.

  • Gain flexibility

Deploy according to your business needs with the flexibility of physical and virtual Enterprise Manager editions

WA (Web Accelerator) 

BIG-IP® WebAccelerator™ automates web performance optimization, to instantly improve performance for end users and help you reduce costs. By offloading your network and servers, BIG-IP WebAccelerator decreases your spending on additional bandwidth and hardware. Users get fast access to applications, and you gain greater revenue and free up IT resources for other strategic projects.

WA Key benefits

  • Improve user experience and revenue 

Reduce frustration for employees and consumers using your site with fast apps, and pave the way for higher productivity and sales.

  • Deploy according to your business needs

Improve asymmetric deployment performance by 2x to 5x, and symmetric deployment by up to 10x. 

  • Reduce costs

Reduce the number of application servers required with SSL offload, compression offload, and caching—and save both CapEx and OpEx.

  • Optimize server and bandwidth usage

Extend server capacity and reduce bandwidth usage to improve performance and reduce costs.

  • Simplify deployment and management

Use pre-defined policies for apps such as SharePoint, SAP Portal, Oracle Portal, E-business Suite 11/12, Siebel CRM, and more to simplify configuration.

  • Boost performance of mobile apps

Apply front-end optimization techniques to overcome the unique app delivery challenges of mobile devices.

WOM (Wan Optimization)

F5® BIG-IP® WAN Optimization Module™ (WOM) compresses, deduplicates, and encrypts data between two data centers. When used in conjunction with Oracle Data Guard, BIG-IP WOM improves the performance of replication while enabling the secure transfer of data within your database management system (DBMS). The more latency, congestion, and packet loss your connection suffers from, the more BIG-IP WOM improves your replication environment.

Key features

• TCP Optimization—Cut down on the overhead inherent in TCP to speed replication
• Rate Shaping—Set limits for how much and how little bandwidth Data Guard should receive
• Compression—Send compressed versions of data over the WAN to reduce bandwidth
• Deduplication—Send each distinct bit of data only once with advanced deduplication technology

Key benefits

• Increase Performance—Improve RPOs and RTOs by reducing data replication lag
• Increase Efficiency—Maximize bandwidth utilization
• Cost Savings—Reduce WAN costs and offload CPU-intensive processes from servers
• Improve Security—Encrypt SQL transactions over the WAN



F5 ARX intelligent file virtualization simplifies how your file data is accessed, moved, and managed. Data management policies help you match the business value of your data to the cost of its storage. Smart storage tiering moves your files automatically and without disruption or downtime, while dynamic capacity balancing improves overall utilization of your existing storage resources. ARX is available in a range of hardware devices and as a virtual edition.

Key benefits
  • Reduce storage costs
Match the business value of your data to the cost of its storage; reduce costs with new technologies.
  • Optimize backups
Decrease the backup of redundant data to lower backup and recovery times, media consumption, and costs.
  • Maximize value of existing storage
Improve utilization, reclaim stranded capacity, and defer additional storage purchases.
  • Simplify management
Perform storage provisioning and decommissioning without disrupting users.
  • Improve flexibility and choice
Move your data wherever and whenever you want, even between heterogeneous devices.

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