VMworld 2017

Here we go again, is that time of the year when thousands of IT wizards get together in one of the most intense conferences about virtualization, cloud and all the technologies that are shaping our world. You still have time to register: VMworld 2017. I wanted to write a quick few lines to help you get the most out of this event. In my experience, this is a great opportunity to grow as a professional and enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer.

Tip #1: Partner Workshops

If you work for a partner and you are planning on participating in both the general conference and the partner activities, then plan to arrive on Friday. The cost of the flight is even less than arriving Saturday or Sunday and the hotel is so inexpensive that it’s worth it. By arriving Friday you’ll have the opportunity to participate in one of the forty partner workshops offered during Saturday.

Tip#2: Engage the Experts

There will be several opportunities to get one on one with VMware employees that work on a daily basis with different technologies like EUC, Automation, Software Defined, you name it. Make the most out of this time, it is like free money! The time spent here will benefit your solutions and plans for your IT department and organization.

Tip#3: Hands on Labs

If you don’t participate on these it would be like visiting Universal Studios, FL and not going into the Harry Potter rides. The trick with these is to schedule your labs and workshops the day the registration opens because the available seats are limited. In any case, don’t give up and go get signed on the waiting lists when you get there because some people like to drink and gamble too much and never show up.

Tip#4: Plan your sessions

There is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming. Take time to schedule the sessions base on your technical level and interests. Pay attention to the more prominent presenters, like Duncan, because these sessions fill really fast.

Tip#5: Solutions Exchange

Bring one extra duffle bag to take back home all the goodies. There are a lot of prices, some are really nice like the raspberry pie I got last year from Datrium.

Tip#6: Don’t Worry about the food

There is food everywhere and the scheduled meals are awesome.

Tip#7: Let the party start!

In my opinion, VEAM has a great party and make sure you don’t miss the VMware’s customer appreciation event. If you are a vExpert please stop by the reception to meet VMware’s CEO and other important leaders. Remember to work out your social schedule, there is a lot going on at night.

Tip#8: Enjoy!


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