VMworld General Session

We are the tomorrow, people not customers. It is an intriguing way to get this general session started, nice performance. Pat inform us that Digital Transformation is the top tech buzz word. What does it mean to you? The digital transformation we are having now is all about the cloud. By 2020 the ratio of workloads on the cloud to traditional IT will be 50/50, by 2030 the public cloud will pass the 50% mark. How do we prepare? We can say with some certainty that less and less business are going to be investing in their own hardware and start using  more XaaS.

2016-08-29 09.23.25.jpg This is why the be_tomorrow is us and is now. And to support this revolution VMware is a leader in the SDDC (software Defined Data Center) field. Pat introduces the cross-cloud architecture to provide freedom and control with the VMware Cloud Foundation.

2016-08-29 09.34.36.jpg

IBM is the first partner offering the Cloud Foundation as a service. They mentioned that they already have 500 customers using these services. the main idea of the cloud Foundation is to make the cloud simple.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 09.40.14.png

Going back to my first post yesterday morning about my Datacenter wishes, it seems that VMware is my genie. Now switching gears to the Cross-Cloud services from VMware. Is nice to see that VMware is not pretending to run any app, on any device, on their cloud, but the last part of that catch phrase really becomes any cloud.

2016-08-29 09.45.46

It is not possible to go back to our clients and tell them to stop using AWS or Azure, it is better to embrace their diversity and wrap the solution around those external services.

We now have a layer that can move workloads between AWS, Azure, and Google. Micro-segmentation and network virtualization for the public cloud. This is huge! Any application, any device, and now for real any cloud!

be_tomorrow together!


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