I am back at VMworld Las Vegas, and once again I am surrounded by the most creative group of people in my line of work. Last year we were ready for any, this year we’ll be_here. What is it that you want to be_? From the customer point of view, I want to have access to my applications from anywhere and all the time. From the engineering point of view, I want to design a system that can accomplish that in the most efficient and simple way possible. I am hearing wonderful things already, most involving NSX.

One of the buzz phrases that I like the most this year is be_free, we want to be free to move our workloads with no borders, on-prem and off. We are getting there. What is your Datacenter wish list?  I know mine is to have one logical Datacenter span across multiple physical locations seamlessly.  I know that is already possible, some people are doing it. I also know that a huge number of users are not prepared for disasters, and sometimes they are not protected for even the most simple of events. I want to offer a solution that solves all the business continuity challenges in an implicit way. A turned key solution without a thousand parts glued by chewing gum, easy to scale both up and out, and one that can be upgraded with no downtime.

All this is possible, and this week  I will be on the lookout for this new set of mind, don’t talk to me about old iron, and like an ex-coworker of mine used to say “don’t put lipstick on a pig”. I want to be_tomorrow.


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