Netbackup Appliance Protection Override

Back in 1999, we hired a guy from Veritas to install our first Netbackup software, version 3.5 it was (I think). Little I knew that it would be 2016 and I would still be working with this. It outlived other things that look more promising at that time.

I wanted to create this quick post about how to gain root access to a Netbackup appliance because it changed a little bit from version 2.6 to version 2.7. See my input in red.

login as: admin
admin@<ip>'s password: <password>
Last login: Wed May  4 09:52:28 2016 from <my mac>

Appliance  Manage master and media appliances.
Exit       Log out and exit from the current shell.
Manage     Manage NetBackup appliance.
Monitor    Monitor NetBackup appliance activities.
Network    Network Administration.
Reports    Examine the running and historical state of the host.
Settings   Change NetBackup appliance settings.
Shell      Shell operations.
Support    NetBackup Support.

<NBU-Appliance-Hostname>.Main_Menu> Support
Entering NetBackup support view...

Checkpoint      Appliance Checkpoint Management.
DataCollect     Gather device logs.
Disk            Gather disk information.
Errors          Display NetBackup errors.
Exit            Log out and exit from the current shell.
FactoryReset    Reset this system to factory install image
InfraServices   Show/control infrastructure services.
iostat          Execute the iostat command.
IPMI            Remote management port configuration.
KillRemoteCall  Terminate running or hung remote calls on peer compute nodes.
Logs            Set level, share, unshare, view, and upload debug logs.
Maintenance     Launch maintenance shell.
Messages        Display the messages file.
NBDNA           Network traces with NBDNA tool (Select Create or Remove).
Nbperfchk       Execute the disk IO or network bandwidth check.
NBSU            Manage NetBackup support data files (Select Create or Remove).
Processes       Show/control NetBackup and Admin Console processes.
Reboot          Reboot the system.
RecoverStorage  View or delete directories backed up during appliance re-image.
Return          Return to the previous menu.
Service         Service management.
Shell           Shell operations.
Show            Display information.
Shutdown        Power off the system.
Storage         Storage data and configuration
Test            Test the current status of various appliance components.

<NBU-Appliance-Hostname>.Support> Maintenance
<!-- Maintenance Mode --!>
maintenance's password: <password>
(this script was for 2.6)
maintenance-!> /opt/Symantec/scspagent/IPS/
bash: /opt/Symantec/scspagent/IPS/ No such file or directory
(this is the right script for 2.7)
maintenance-!> /opt/Symantec/sdcssagent/IPS/
Symantec Data Center Security Server Policy Override

    Agent Version: 6.5.0 (build 355)
   Current Policy: NetBackup Appliance Prevention Policy, r38
Policy Prevention: Enabled
  Policy Override: Allowed
   Override State: Not overridden

To override the policy and disable protection, enter your login password.
Password: <password>

Choose the type of override that you wish to perform:
 1. Override Prevention except for Self-Protection
 2. Override Prevention Completely
Choice? [1] 2

Choose the amount of time after which to automatically re-enable:
 1. 15 minutes
 2. 30 minutes
 3. 1 hour
 4. 2 hours
 5. 4 hours
 6. 8 hours
Choice? [1] 4

Enter a comment. Press Enter to continue.
<comment or just Press Enter>
Please wait while the policy is being overridden.

The policy was successfully overridden.
maintenance-!> elevate
<NBU-Appliance-Hostname>:/home/maintenance #

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