VMworld 2017 General Session Day Two

Day one at VMworld 2017 was huge, exciting announcements about VMWare on AWS and ubiquitous security via the NSX framework and AppDefense. Day two is action-packed. Michael Dell joins Pat Gelsinger on stage for this second-day general session. The digital transformation is the main topic around all the sessions, Michael Dell talks about how easy is to make smart gadgets and that it is all connected. The fuel for these engines is the data, without it even the best algorithms are useless.
Dell talks about how the drivers of the economy are small, medium and emerging business by employing most the workforce, and how VMware serves that market with a complete technology ecosystem.
The market is seeing growth with next generation applications and containers.  Pivotal Cloud Foundry works together to shorten the gap between the IT people and the cool developer using the latest technologies, to make it happen, Rob, Pat and Mike announced Pivotal Container Services (PKS). Based on Kubernetes, it will allow customers to build scalable apps that can go from development to the real world in less time. Read more about it here.
VMware proposes a consistent environment across all platforms, in an entirely secure environment. The office of the CTO goes ahead and presents a demo of a complete suite of VMware Cloud products for the Elastic Sky Pizza hypothetical company. It is all focused-on simplicity, scalability, speed, automation, and security.
2017-08-29 09.37.58
They provide a demo of the Pivotal Container Services to setup a platform for developers, and it only takes a few minutes on a single pane of glass. VMWare cloud services, built in the cloud and for the cloud. A technical preview of the automation services provides a visual representation of the system. You could provision this blueprint to any cloud.
Networking and Security are the main challenges for any cloud deployment. With NSX Cloud we can manage and deploy services via policies maintaining a consistent experience across all stages.

2017-08-29 09.58.37
Wavefront by VMWare is a real-time metric, alerting and analytics platform that will help the developers identify and pinpoint the root cause of problems in applications deviating from normal behavior. This offering complements the suite that goes from the physical infrastructure all the way to the support of the application.
How does VMware’s future look? Pulse IoT Center will help manage sensors and objects that are connected. With function as a service AI algorithms can observe and act on the system providing immediate response to different needs or patterns.

2017-08-29 10.13.26Moving the functions to the data and not the other way around, bring the public cloud the edge of your on-prem DC.

2017-08-29 10.16.01
In my opinion, we are witnessing the evolving of multiple clouds to just one. It will not be private, public, or hybrid; it will be one cloud on any device used by any app.



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