VMworld 2015 General Session Day 2 (live)

rdy-anyI am going to skip day one, we saw the vMotion across clouds, something that we have been waiting for a while. For day two we were promised a surprise guest, as I write this I am waiting to see who it is (live blogging). Twice now they mentioned something about the projection to the screens, maybe Apple paid for them to pave the road ahead? I am not sure, but let me go back to the main subject of this session, and that is mobility and end use computing. This is the ecosystem from VMware, SDDC, EUC and the App, being used from any device.


The apps will come from any device, in a secure and flexible way. IDC named VMware a market leader in EUC for 2015, ahead of Citrix, but they assured to the general session that they would continue to optimize everything for Xen.

The secret guest is from Microsoft is Jim Alkove VP of security. The vision for Windows 10 is IT simplified. “VMware loves Windows 10” The conversation revolves around security and identity management to be able to achieve the app mobility. In my opinion seeing Microsoft and VMware together on stage is very reassuring.

VMware Workspace Suite joins the application delivery management and the device. VMware is combining Airwatch and App volumes to bridge the gap between cloud and legacy apps, Project A2 (square, not two). One thing I can see from yesterday’s session and today’s is that NSX is an integral part on all the new VMWare capabilities.

Sesame Street simple! Now Martin Casado joins the stage to talk about security. BTW this is just an encore of the general session at PEX back on Sunday. What is going to be the VMware strategy on security, is called micro-segmentation using NSX (network virtualization) no to be confused with Software Defined Networking (SDN).

The surface attack is becoming too wide, and the challenge is to deliver trusted applications to devices that may not be trusted or secure. VMware is presenting Distributed Network Encryption to protect the data. Also encryption of Data at Rest, like the vmdks. I wonder if the NSA already has some master keys for all the apps ;).

Pat Gelsinger joins the stage now for the closing. The online connectivity estimates for 2025 is  5 billion. The size of the internet economy is 21% of the World GDP. To win or join the ecosystem, the start-ups need to play with a different set of rules and create an asymmetric battle. We are all expecting Flo to join Pat now on stage, but seriously Pat is giving us a view of how innovation can disrupt incumbent technologies and how it can change the way we live today.

The challenge is still on the bridge from the private to the public cloud. That is where VMware with its Unified Hybrid Cloud enters the game giving apps the capability to span across both clouds, becoming the Hybrid Applications with common networking, management, and security. Is about enabling a global point of view across all clouds. The apps and your data will be within you “borders” (under you rules) no matter where they reside. The Unified Hybrid Cloud is the future.open

Virtualization provides the best platform to architect for security. Virtualization has the perfect alignment  to be able to deliver the app or service to where it should be. Ubiquity -> the capacity to be present everywhere at the same time. I had to look that up, sorry. We are in the renaissance of Security. The building blocks of proactive technology are analytics and Big Data. Rule one of building the cloud is to automate everything. Of the top 100 of the IT companies, 50 of them will disappear in the next decade. These were the last remarks from Pat, now back to VMworld!.

P.S. As always pardon my English, more so with this post on the run.


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